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It is in their core to feel everything with their senses, but they tend to be in too much of rush to find a logical explanation for situations in their life, to stop and feel their place in them. They are supposed to find a path based on faith, divinity and God, whatever that means in their specific personality structure.

These individuals will have a rich and inspiring love life, for as long as their heart is open for new adventures and experiences. A certain change will happen as they shift from roles of teenagers and young lovers to married grownups, and once they decide to stay with someone for life, they will inevitably change.

It is in their nature to try out different things and they could have multiple partners, entirely different in character and behavior.

This is confusing for people that surround them and possibly troubling for women and judgment they will stumble upon. When a person is born on January 26th, idealization comes as natural as the light of day. Their brain is wired in a way different that the rest of the world, and ultimate trust in life will lead to ultimate mistrust, for as long as they move from one extreme to the other.

They seem to be unable to separate the need of others to show themselves in the best light, from their actual personality with its true potential. There are ways for them to avoid disappointments, but they hide in highest senses and a bit of detachment, rather than an earthly love story that one can wait for their entire lifetime.

People born on the 26th of January are extremely talented for something, very often for art, singing, and any form of emotional expression. Their fine senses guide them in just the right direction if they are willing to listen, and with their need to unveil the truth they might become art collectors and curators.

Whatever they choose to do, to do it right, they must find their dream job and something in a strong connection with their senses.

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No rational choice will ever fulfill them, however hard they might try to enjoy the benefits of their work. It is a crystal to aid totality and fullness of love in an individual, in all its magnificence and magic. With so much love in the numeral power of people born on this date, it is impossible to choose a wrong gift for as long as it comes from the heart.

They will find everything beautiful, from flowers or a fine pen, to an expensive work of art. That is why a book might not be the best choice, unless if it has emotional value and a special note attached to it to give them the loving feeling they need.

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Choose something beautiful to serve as a pose, to be put on their wall, or something sentimental and small for them to keep it in their wallet. Creative, loving and calm, they are masters of finding balance.

Individuals with an inspiring mind, a big heart, and a feel for their environment, they know exactly what other people need. This is only an exercise of preparation. Begin training your mind on what you will think about at the time of death. The New Year brings great promise of happiness. You will be creative. When there are differences you will step aside like the crab you are circumventing disharmony.

See each day as an opportunity to do your very best. The New Year is golden for you in terms of work, confidence and growth, both subtle and steady. You want will to make changes concerning health and healing. Become a member of a spa, begin an exercise and diet regime with yoga, tai chi, biking, swimming, etc.

Continued focus on health is most important. You will seek the Diamond Light. Compassion and altruism become your newest psychological orientations. Allow constancy of effort into your life, not turning back when difficulties arise. Stand at the middle point.

You may feel your life is not moving forward.

Planetary Row

However, many things are occurring within. New realities, resources, and things social rise to the surface offering satisfaction and intimacy. Tend to partners and those who love you with care and nourishment. Let your mind be at ease. You will work very hard this coming year. When in doubt call upon your angels to flood your life with light, information and assistance.

It will happen immediately. You felt challenged this past year. The upcoming year offers greater progress and power. Allow time for Right Decisions leading to Right Action. Love is not a feeling.

You will look back on the past year and see that it was good. There was and will be exceptional growth, support, gains and progress with creativity rewarded. You might be too impulsive, leading to expectations that are unreasonable to others.

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Provide affection and attention to everyone, especially friends and loved ones. You will be busy socially for a while. Then your temperament becomes serious and internal. Spending time alone is part of your destiny. You will feel quite dynamic as the New Year unfolds.

There will be a fire within burning brighter and fuller.

Sabian Symbol

You may need to control that fire a bit lest conflicts with others are created. Use that inner fire for creativity, achieving greater goals, greater focus and direction.

You will rise in stature through new ways of thinking. This has already begun.

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Saturn is your ruler, the planet helping you in all endeavors, especially climbing the mountain, which means ladder of success. Success in whatever way you see success for yourself.

Saturn helps you choose good shoes, too. I wish you a happy birthday for your new year. Remember to speak with your angels. They stand by waiting for instructions.

They are to help you with all that you need and want in the coming year. Check it twice, three times. The New Year focuses upon relationships, love, friendship and romance.

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Avoid any major changes at the first half of the year. Instead focus on building a firmer foundation of security and creativity. New realities can emerge the last half of the year. Travel when you can. It brings you pleasure, excitement, friendships and relaxation.

Have pride in your accomplishments, in yourself, and the important social role you play in the world. Rest more in the coming year. Focus, stamina and vitality return gradually. Remain conscious of fluctuating finances.

You want Right Use of money and resources.

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