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It could be a beautiful day outside, and your friends and family will scream for you to leave the house, but you know better. Organizing is therapy of the highest order to you. Your environment and the contents of your handbag too is always an accurate reflection of your inner state of mind.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Toss out old junk, outdated records and clothing, reorganize your possessions, get new boxes to store things. You need to feel productive, and you like being physical lifting boxes, filing, reaching, and so forth as you think. Just the picture of your organized living and working space makes you breathe easier!

The lower stomach intestines are ruled by Virgo and receive the most tension when you are anxious. Since your sign will find digestion difficult when under stress, eat lightly.

Virgo: Get Organized and Mobilized

Unlike Cancer who will crave childhood foods, you will want to eat more leafy green vegetables and fruits, and perhaps even decide to be a vegetarian, at least for a while.

A diet light in fats, which are hard for your body to break down, would be best when you are tense. Keep a journal, write your thoughts down on paper. Like Gemini, which is co-ruled by Mercury, you can use your distress to create a moving literary effort, whether it be a short story, novel, hard-hitting documentary, or a poem.

Virgo is very precise and your sign produces excellent writers. Using your hands another part of the body your ruler Mercury rules in a variety of hobbies will relax and soothe you.

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Sewing, sketching, piano playing, or anything else which uses your fine motor skills would be a restorative activity now. You have come through months of retrograde planets, starting a far back as June 26, and while you were still able to make progress during subsequent weeks and months, you may have felt like you were pushing a rock up a hill.

It all started with Mars retrograde, June 26 to August 27, and during that period, from July 25 to August 18, Mercury went retrograde, too. You tend to feel Mercury retrograde more than most, for Mercury is your guardian planet.

Virgo Horoscope for November 2018

After Mars went direct on August 27, September was calm and peaceful, so you may have been lulled into thinking life would soon become normal again. That was not to be. Venus went retrograde October 5 to November 16, and just as you were ready to launch ventures, you ran into a number of delays starting on the very day that Venus turned direct—Mercury went retrograde on November 16, and finally, will go direct December 6.

There will be no more retrogrades to impede you. Venus and Mars will not retrograde at all in Admittedly, Mercury will go retrograde again from March 5 to March 28, but until then, you have three months of open road with plenty of potential to make impressive progress. Just remember, everything starts on the date Mercury goes direct, December 6.

A Note from Susan Miller

There is another reason December 6 might be a major turning point for you. It is the day of the new moon in Sagittarius, 15 degrees, and it will unlock all the goodness of Jupiter, which recently entered Sagittarius on November 8.

Virgo december 2018 Astrology Zone, Virgo december 2018 Monthly Love Horoscope

Nothing turns off a Virgo faster than dirt or mess. As good as it sounds, to have some lovely geisha cleaning up your pigsty, think about it.

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She adores high fashion and well-made clothing. Most Virgo women enjoy staying up-to-date on the latest couture trends she is ruled by Mercury, so she is oriented toward staying current.

The Virgo Woman: August 23 - September 22 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Yet their appearance will likely be elegant and understated rather than flashy, often choosing neutrals over bright colors. She likes to dress up, so think of a nice restaurant where she can wear some of her new things.

Tattered jeans and polo shirts are not her style. Buy her an article of clothing or piece jewelry that is high fashion but enduring, top quality, like a Tiffany or Cartier watch that she can treasure for years.

Her sign rules jade, the stone of fidelity, so a ring or pendant made of that stone is especially meaningful. You could alternatively give her a beauty service, like a year of manicures and pedicures Virgo likes her nails fastidiously groomed or six months of a personal trainer fitness is a big thing with her and still make a big hit with her.