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In astrology , a cadent house is the last house of each quadrant of the zodiac. A quadrant begins with a Cardinal house , the house in which a chart angle lies proceeds to a Succedent house and ends with a Cadent house. There are four quadrants in an astrological chart, providing four Cardinal, four Succedent, and four Cadent houses.

The Greeks called the cadent houses apoklima , which literally means "falling" or "decline," because the houses were seen to be falling away from the strength of the angular houses, which were considered to be most influential because of their perpendicular and oppositive relationships to the Ascendant.

The word apoklima also carries a denotation of degeneration and decline. Cadent houses are therefore usually considered by astrologers as less fertile and productive places by their nature than either angular or succedent houses, and the planets located in them are seen as generally less powerful and comfortable.

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This view of cadency is universally found in ancient sources. For example, Paulus Alexandrinus says of cadent houses: And sometimes they bring about hostile conditions, sometimes separations and banishments However, there are conditions when a planet in a cadent house can be brought up to its full strength, for example, by a reasonably close trine to a benefic planet, such as Jupiter [4].

The notion of cadent houses as weak and ineffective also persists in medieval and Renaissance astrologers such as Guido Bonatti and William Lilly , who labeled cadent houses "poor and of little efficacy.

In the twentieth century, a concept called "natural houses" was popular, in which it was argued that each of the twelve houses of the astrological chart corresponds to a sign of the zodiac: Employing "natural houses," the third house would correspond to Gemini , the sixth house to Virgo , the ninth house to Sagittarius and the twelfth house to Pisces , and adherents of the notion borrow archetypal concepts from the signs and apply them to the corresponding houses.

The idea of numerological correspondences goes back at least as far as Pythagoras and surely was instrumental in the interpretation by ancient astrologers of the angular relationships each house has with the others, and especially with the Ascendant.

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This may account for similarities between the idea of Gemini and the idea of the third house. But the "natural houses" doctrine stretches these similarities to point which seriously distorts the original concepts. Hardly any of these zodiacal correspondences result in the same characteristics or dignities observed by earlier astrologers.

Furthermore, using "natural houses," cadent signs are seen to be very flexible and adaptive and correspond with the mutable signs of the zodiac. But this obscures the essentially weak and unfavorable nature of these houses.

Planets positioned in them lack influence, and may even become malefic —that is, they may have an unfortunate effect. Ancient astrologers had a very different view of the third house than a correspondence to Gemini would imply.

The house's primary significance was for siblings—a meaning it retains today. But Gemini has no such meaning. For another thing, the third house was the "House of the Moon Goddess" [9] rather than having any correspondence with Mercury , the ruler of Gemini.

The Moon "rejoiced" in the third house—that is, it was very dignified if positioned there. The house was also the place of religious cults, particularly unconventional ones possibly what we would now call the "occult" and had nothing to do with writing or speaking.

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It is true, however, that the Moon was much more involved in the ancient concept of the mind—particularly with memory. The third house also had some connotation for travel but Crane [10] postulates that this derived more from the fact that it opposed the ninth house, the house of the Sun , which had the major connotation for travel.

Ancient astrologers had a very dim view of the sixth house, which is called "the house of bad fortune. One reason for this is because it is in a very weak angle to the house of the Ascendant , which is considered the house of life, vitality and health. The relationship of the sixth house to the Ascendant is one of aversion, that is, it cannot "see" the Ascendant from a point degrees away.